First Lutheran Church

We give because we recognize God has blessed us immensely and so we honour God by giving back from what we’ve received.


On May 2, 2021 we launched First Lutheran: Alive. A three-part campaign with the goal of serving our members and growing our family of faith.

Phase One: We will focus on the financial hurdles of this past year, as well as explore our Church’s perception in the community, while being authentic to our identity.

Phase Two: Long term stability is the focus as we examine solutions to our financial positions and partnerships, as well as discover new opportunities as it relates to our facility, mortgage and commitments.

Phase Three: Where it all comes together. Expanded ministry and programming to serve our community locally and through our digital means, pandemic or not.

Our goal is to raise $295,000 before the end of June!

There are so many incredible things on the horizon, First Lutheran is truly coming alive! On behalf of the Ministry Team and the Board of Directors, Thank You! from the bottom of our hearts, for being a part of this family of faith.