Weekly worship is a focal point for the FLC community.

It’s where we not only offer our praise and thanks to God who gives us all things, but we also and most importantly receive Good News.  Not only is it Good News but we consider it the best news that God is faithful to us in keeping His promises offered through faith in Jesus, who lived, died, and conquered death for us.

We offer two complete yet distinct worship times and forms.

Sundays at 9:00am

This is our “traditional” time slot.  The Pastor leads worship wearing an alb (robe).  We sing hymns accompanied by organ music, and we follow a formal liturgy in keeping with our Lutheran heritage.  At the same time, there are some more modern elements.  For example, the order of worship is projected on large screens in the sanctuary so it’s very easy to follow along.  You may also request a personal paper copy of the order of worship from one of our ushers.

Worship time runs approximately 55-65 minutes.

Sundays at 10:30am

This is our informal time slot.  Unlike the 9:00am worship time, the Pastor doesn’t wear an alb(robe) at all!  Thankfully, though, he does lead worship fully clothed in something you might see him wear around the church office during the week.  We have three different music teams made up of talented musicians (pianist, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, drummer, vocalists for example) who lead the singing of our worship music.  Early on during worship, we invite all children to the front of the sanctuary for a “kids message” lasting a few minutes.  We then dismiss our younger children (ages 3-11) to Kingdom Quest.  We’ll often incorporate video clips and other means of presenting God’s Word in a relevant way we can apply to our lives.

Worship time runs approximately 60-75 minutes.

Coffee Time  10:00 am – 10:30am

We do love our coffee.  After the 9:00am worship, but before 10:30am, the coffee and Timbits are always being served up in our Fellowship Hall adjacent to the Sanctuary.  It’s a chance to visit, connect, and meet new people or you may choose to find a quieter corner and drink your coffee and eat your precious timbits!  Your choice!  Either way, there’s room for you here.

Coffee time runs approximately 30 minutes.