The “core” is a series of seven learning sessions and it’s geared for adults taking important foundational steps in their faith journey.  This learning experience is taught by our pastors and is particularly designed for:

  • For those with no experience in the Christian faith or church
  • For those who had been part of the Christian faith a while ago and are now revisiting faith
  • For those who have been part of the Christian faith but want to remember some foundational thinking, teaching, and beliefs
  • For those that haven’t experienced the Christian faith from a Lutheran perspective or understanding

Here’s a list of the seven sessions we cover:

  1. The Word
  2. God
  3. Sin and Grace
  4. The Sacraments of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper
  5. Missional Church
  6. Stewardship
  7. Community

It’s a great chance for you to ask, to learn, and to grow along with others that are taking the same step of faith you are.  It’s all about moving towards greater understanding and faith in following Jesus Christ and believing in God on this journey we call “life”.

Core Classes are offered twice a year.  Please contact Keith Reisdorf (Pastor) regarding the next start date and time of this series by calling Pastor Keith at 250-764-3111 (ext 14) or emailing