Becoming a member at First Lutheran Church can be a very meaningful step in your faith journey.

We must admit that more and more, we are finding that people don’t necessarily feel a need to become a member of the church.  Some like the freedom of not belonging anywhere in particular.  We get that too!

Based on past experiences or on certain assumptions, people can be hesitant to “join” or make a faith commitment of any kind.  Membership is not required.  But just so you know, here’s how we view membership at FLC.  Consider these two questions for a moment…

Why go to church?

Since the earliest days of Christianity (Acts 2:42-47) followers of Jesus have gathered together in local families of faith for the preaching of God’s Word, the administration of the Lord’s Supper and baptism, mutual support, local service, and the building-up of a God pleasing community.

While all those who believe and are baptized are members of God’s eternal family (Ephesians 2:19) each of us are called to be connected and committed to a local family, where each one can learn, serve, support each other, and give within the body of Christ.

God’s Word tells us clearly that all members of the eternal family or church, have a part to play in the local family as together we are the hands and feet of Jesus in a hurting and hungry world. (Ephesians 4:12)

Why Become A Member?

Membership is the local church’s means of bringing God’s people into an accountable and committed relationship so that we might be a healthy and effective expression of God’s family: growing in our knowledge of Scripture, exhibiting Biblically shaped lifestyles, having sacrificial attitudes, and seeking ways to serve and influence our culture.  Membership at FLC is both about what you’ll receive and what you’ll give.

At FLC we want you to know that we don’t expect you to just simply sit back and watch.  We don’t want you to just come to church… we want you to be the church… which may help answer the question “why membership?” at FLC.

You will receive Christ centered teaching, opportunities to worship, grow, learn more of God’s Word and of the grace of Jesus Christ.  This will aid as encouragement for you to keep your relationships with God and others healthy and active.  At the same time, you give your word that you will give of yourself to the Lord- of your time, talent, and treasure as you serve God by serving others.

This is why we value membership at FLC.

It’s not required but it’s an opportunity we encourage and are ready to walk with you through the process when you are.

We encourage people to move forward in faith through a series of learning opportunities.  It’s not like “cooperate and graduate” kind of mentality.  It’s more of a process and we encourage you to keep moving foward in your spiritual growth and understanding as to who God is, what He has done and continues to do in our lives by His grace.

  1. Getting Started (a 2 hour orientation to FLC – offered 3-4 times per year)
  2. Core Classes (a series of 7 sessions – offered twice a year)
  3. Meet with a pastor and sign a Declaration of Faith and talk about next steps in your faith journey.