Social Media Ministry

What: Social Media Ministry

When: No Set Time


Why: To continue to expand our online presence particularly in the Kelowna community.  We recognize that a lot of people will check out our church online before they would ever visit in person.  We currently administrate a Facebook page and would like to venture further into other social media - Instagram, You Tube... Currently we are looking for someone with the ability and passion to lead the charge on our Social Media Ministry - to work well with others (even including other creative and technical talent as needed) and in the end put out quality and creative content that clearly communicates our mission to "inpsire people to love God and others through grace"!


Volunteer Receptionists

What: Volunteer Receptionists

When: 1 day per week

Where: First Lutheran Church Office

Why: To help office staff by attending to reception duties so they don’t have to.


People in Motion

What: People in Motion

When: Friday Mornings

Where: First Lutheran Church

Why: We do work for the office staff.