Host a Small Group?

What: Host a Small Group?

When: Varies from group to group but usually monthly or twice a month or weekly

Where: Your home

Why: A small group is a group of 6-12 people who are committed to meeting together regularly for a set period of time.   It's a chance to invest in others and they in you.  Generally, a small group gives you practice in:

  • G. Getting to know one another
  • R. Relating to God's Word
  • O. Offering prayer for others
  • U. Usual Business (depending on your group's interest, your "business" varies from group to group)
  • P. Providing for Growth (the point of meeting together is to enrich each others life.  (You should be able to say, "That was time well spent.  We should do that again!")
These are the ingredients you need for a successful group.
  • someone to facilitate/lead (could be a shared position)
  • people (maybe 6-12 committed folks)
  • location (home, coffee shop, church, where ever)
  • time (make it reliable and predictable and for a set period of time)
  • content (some resource that will help your group grow in faith - ensuring that it is soundly based on God's Word)
  • support (ministry team member like Pastor Lee is here to support, encourage, equip, resource you as needed)