Women, Wine and Wisdom

What: Women, Wine and Wisdom

When: Once monthly

Where: Various



Young Adults Connect By Serving

What: Young Adults Connect By Serving

When: All the time!

Where: Every where! Where is Jesus leading you to use your time and talent?

Why: Life with God is never boring.  He's always engaged in our lives calling us to serve Him by serving others.  Serving is often how we get to know others and grow in faith with others.  Want to try a serving opportunity out?  How about using your time and talent in youth ministry leadership, prayer ministry, pastoral care visits, hosting a small group in your home and the list goes on...


Theology Pub Night

What: Theology Pub Night

When: Monthly

Where: Various Pubs

Why: Bring guys together for (Friendship, Fellowship) and to have them ask and answer important questions about faith and life.


Coffee Time!

What: Coffee Time!

When: Sundays 10:00 - 10:30am

Where: First Lutheran Church

Why: We do love our coffee.  After the 9:00am worship, but before 10:30am, the coffee is always being served up in our Fellowship Hall adjacent to the Sanctuary.  It’s a chance to visit, connect, and meet new people or you may choose to find a quieter corner and drink your coffee and eat your precious timbits!  Your choice!  Either way, there’s room for you here. Coffee time runs approximately 30 minutes.